Casaide allows agents to be their best and to be rewarded for it.

Casaide is a residential brokerage built by leaders from NYC and Silicon Valley. By reimagining the agent experience and creating our technology platform in-house, our agents make more money and keep 100% of their hard-earned commission.
Transfer your license and experience the difference.

Advantage: You

Simply put, our agents are more profitable than agents at other firms.

Keep 100% of your commission and get full access to everything we offer.

Base subscription

- $35 per month. If you don't close any deals, this is all you pay.

Transaction fee

- Sales: $400 per deal
- Rentals & Referrals: $200 per deal
- Transaction fee annual cap: $2400

100% commission
Invest the savings into GETTING MORE LEADS

Per Month


All features & broker support included
Keep 100% of your commission

all features come standard

  • OUR platform
  • values & Culture
  • our support
  • You’ll be a more productive agent with us because our platform is fully integrated, needs no setup, and is built to delight agents. Specifically, you get a CRM, transaction management system, phone number (not extension), and a business email address. All of these work together seamlessly. The CRM automatically receives all emails, calls, and texts from your clients, with no maintenance needed. Start a transaction and get a simple list of to-do items and sign documents digitally.

    Built completely from the ground up, in-house, and only available to Casaide agents.
    • Keep your entire commission - 100% commission
    • Stop paying for other technology services and save even more money
    • Client CRM to manage your contacts
    • Business email account
    • Phone number to receive inbound leads
    • Transaction management system with step by step action items and easy collaboration
    • Digital document signing
    • Your own professional agent profile page
    • We use big data analysis to identify the top agents who we invite to join Casaide
    • All leads from our website are distributed for free
    • E&O insurance included
    • Nestio, PropertyShark, OLR, ACME Listing databases available (agent pays separately)
    • Be your own boss, work from home, and keep everything you make. Stop giving your broker your hard-earned money and join the firm that puts agents first.
    • Always accessible broker for support. Submit your application today and have a phone call with us.
  • At Casaide, we are building an unparalleled real estate experience based on three pillars: deliver an uncompromising customer experience, partner with the best agents, and create technology to continuously improve our service.

    As a company, we will always treat our customers and agents with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and respect, and we expect that our agents exhibit these values in their interactions as well.

    We want to build a company that is more of a partnership than a corporation. We want to hear your ideas and feedback, and conversation will always be a two-way dialogue. Transparency and honesty are important values here. This will never be a place where someone feels ignored or treated indifferently.

    Although our technology is the most visible feature, we believe it is our culture that is our biggest value proposition to our team.
  • You have a dedicated broker who will help sort out any question or problem quickly. Part of the advantage of having created our own cloud platform is that we can proactively know if you are waiting on us for something, and we ensure that nothing "slips through the cracks" or slows you down.

    Most communication will happen via our platform, specifically our message and document sharing features. This allows everything to be recorded, organized, and easily accessible by everyone.

We want our agents to succeed and spread the word. With Casaide, you'll spend more of your time networking and adding clients and less on everything else. Our brokerage lives in the cloud, and our platform gives you everything you need - on demand, on your schedule, with minimal cost.


We reviewed every solution in the market, but found nothing that is fully integrated, simple, and "just works out of the box". So, we built our own platform from the ground up. As soon as the broker approves your application, you'll get a phone number and a business Gmail account. All communication (email, text, and calls) automatically connects and syncs with our simple CRM. When it's time to do a deal, our platform makes it easy, giving you a set of steps to follow and documents to sign online.


You keep your commission. No fine print or tiers to worry about. No other company in real estate makes this as straightforward as Casaide. More revenue with less cost equals more profit for you.


All leads we generate are distributed to our agents for free. However, agents are ultimately responsible for generating leads, and we're there to help make the most of each one.  Every agent has access to our integrated CRM that makes sure you never forget to follow up with a contact and keeps all of your communication well organized. Once it's time to do a deal, we provide you a simple step by step to do list, and all documents are signed online. Should a question emerge, your broker is on standby to answer promptly.

Our work speaks for itself.

  • Casaide is a pure class-act. I wish I joined earlier because they share my passion for quality and their tools are lightyears ahead of everyone else. With a 100% commission, this is perfect for talented agents.
    NYC Agent
  • I am new to the US and have a very hectic travel schedule. Using Casaide, I was able to find a terrific apartment and sign off on documents digitally. A very convenient experience.
    NYC Consumer
  • I interviewed four agents to sell my apartment. The Casaide agent, Andrew, was superb. After an amazing job marketing, my apartment closed, and I am happy with the experience. I highly recommend them to everyone.
    NYC Consumer
Casaide Promise

Our promise to our customers:

We put you first. From the very beginning, you will experience the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and respect from all of our agents.

We deliver you results. Our agents have local expertise and the ability to back up their assertions with data. Our agents are expert negotiators, and when it comes time to do a deal, we all share the belief that the best outcomes come from listening and mutual respect.