Casaide Real Estate
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At Casaide, we are building an unparalleled real estate experience based on three pillars: deliver an uncompromising customer experience, partner with the best agents, and create technology to continuously improve our service.

Unmatched dedication

To both our customers and agents. We deliver an experience that puts us above the rest.

100% Commission

we are dedicated to making real estate work better for everyone - including agents; keep everything you make.

Our work speaks for itself.

  • Casaide is a pure class-act. I wish I joined earlier because they share my passion for quality and their tools are lightyears ahead of everyone else. With a 100% split, this is perfect for talented agents.
    NYC Agent
  • I am new to the US and have a very hectic travel schedule. Using Casaide, I was able to find a terrific apartment and sign off on documents digitally. A very convenient experience.
    NYC Customer
  • I interviewed four agents to sell my apartment. The Casaide agent, Andrew, was superb. After an amazing job marketing, my apartment closed, and I am happy with the experience. I highly recommend them to everyone.
    NYC Customer
Casaide Description

Casaide started with the goal of making real estate work better for everyone - buyers, sellers, renters, and agents. Too many people in real estate have had issues with poor communication, lack of the utmost professionalism, and difficulty in finding great agents that work solely in the customer's interest.

We started with a goal, and our story is about getting it done.

It is a priviledge to help you with your home, and we take this responsibility personally. We work nonstop to make sure the experience you have with Casaide gets better every single day, and that the value you receive is bar none the best possible.


A company is nothing without great people, and at Casaide, we are fortunate to have a truly outstanding team. We value and empower our agents, and this creates a team that is cohesive and motivated to deliver our customers an experience that no other real estate company can match.

We use technology to constantly ensure our quality standards are met at every step of the process. Feedback is always taken seriously and analyzed by everyone from the CEO to the agent, with the learnings shared with everyone. Our process is founded on continuous improvement, and we raise the level of professionalism and ethics in the industry.


With a team of veterans from Silicon Valley, we rebuilt the entire experience from the ground up with our own proprietary technology and process. For example, we use big data analysis to identify the top agents that we invite to join Casaide, and artificial intelligence (AI) to then match you with the best local agents for your particular house.

Throughout your experience, technology is working behind the scenes, making sure you and your agent are communicating often and that you know exactly where you are in the process. Unlike traditional real estate companies, we collect data on the performance of the agent that goes beyond the basics, and we use this to ensure that our agents are always performing to the highest quality standards. 

Casaide Promise

Our promise to you:

We put you first. From the very beginning, you will experience the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and respect from all of our agents.

We deliver you results. Our agents have local expertise and the ability to back up their assertions with data. Our agents are expert negotiators, and when it comes time to do a deal, we all share the belief that the best outcomes come from listening and mutual respect.